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Join us over the Good Festival for an exciting line up of different workshops all designed to support a circular economy by embracing imperfections with items, encouraging upcycling, mending, creativity and expanding the life of products. Learn valuable skills and contribute to reducing waste and embracing sustainable practices.

Please note anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. A ticket is only needed for the participant of the workshop.

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Preloved fashion

Shop preloved fashion at The Good Festival. Delve into a treasure trove, from vintage and timeless denim to sportswear and well-known brands, find that hidden gem at the pop up and unleash your individuality.

Fashion doesn’t need to cost ‘the earth’. By choosing pre-loved, you’re reducing waste, minimising your carbon footprint and making a stylish statement at the same time, all for greater good of our planet. Find that perfect piece that’s preloved – and you love.

Kids clothes and book swap shop

We all know kids grow up fast, which means they outgrow their clothes quickly, so your often left with bags of good clothes. Why not try swapping your unwanted kids clothes for other preloved ones.

Please note if you don’t have anything to swap and simply wish to purchase tokens that is fine.

How it works

  • Select your items to swap – Select up to 10 items (for kids, aged 0 – 12 years) which are no longer worn and bring them along to the swap. NB. You can donate more than this, but no additional tokens will be allocated. 
  • Claim your tokens – Depending on the quality of each item you bring, we’ll give you a corresponding number of tokens (digital of course!). We’ve got a sliding scale, from high-street to luxury so no one loses out. You will need to sign up to Verte’s online app to track and manage your tokens!
  • Swap, don’t shop! Each item will have a token value so you shop using your tokens. Stock will be replenished throughout the event so that no one misses out.

Support extending the lifespan of clothes, every swap helps and is a step toward a greener world.

Free alterations, repairs & embroidery with The Seam

Take advantage of free basic alterations and repairs of clothes over the Good Festival. From sleeve adjustments to broken buttons bring your garments in for the experts to fix. Plus hide a strain or hole, expand the life and make it your own with free embroidery. No appointment needed, however there might be a wait.

The Seam activation is “one free service per customer”.

Services available:

  • Seam repairs
  • Tear repairs
  • Button repairs
  • Hemming
  • Seam tapering
  • Simple embroidery

Terms and conditions apply, see The Seam for full terms.

Visit The Seam for on-the-spot simple clothing repairs, alterations and embroidery.

Westfield Stratford City

  • 3/4/6 May: 12pm – 8pm
  • 5 May: 12pm – 6pm

Westfield London

  • 16 May:12-8pm
  • 17 May:12-8pm
  • 18 May:12-8pm
  • 19 May: 12-6pm

Sensory greenhouse

Step inside the immersive greenhouse for ultimate relaxation. Enter a jungle of houseplants and discover how living walls play a role in improving air quality. Learn how houseplants thrive in different conditions and how to choose plants accordingly to enhance your living space.


Physical activity has benefits for our bodies and minds but can also have a positive effect on the environment depending on the choices we make. For example by choosing to walk, bike or run instead of driving a car actively helps lower your carbon footprint (imprint).

Recharge your body through action and learn about the importance of embracing renewable energy sources where possible to help contribute to a more sustainable planet. Hop on one of our bikes or hand pedal and power up some renewable energy sources, choose; wind, sunlight (solar) or water (hydro) and see how much energy it take to turn things on.

Free sneaker cleaning – Westfield London only

Give your trainers a little love with W’Air.

w’air sneaker laundry is the go-to destination for sneakerheads and anyone wanting to give their trainers a little love and is the first of its kind in any Westfield location.

w’air is powering the sneaker laundry, offering services ranging from same-day express service to a full restoration. Just drop your sneakers off, and our skilled team will rejuvenate and refresh them, getting them looking and smelling great. The team will even give you a pair of complimentary slides to wear while your sneakers are being cleaned.

The w’air device uses just a fraction of the water, energy and detergents of conventional cleaning and laundry. W’air is trusted and endorsed by many brands including Burberry, Paul Smith, Calvin Klein, Selfridges and Tommy Hilfiger.

Just drop your sneakers off and the skilled team will refresh them with a light clean to get them looking and smelling great.

Bring  a pair  of trainers that need a refresh.

16th – 18th May: 12pm – 8pm

19 May: 12pm – 6pm

Shoe and clothing recycling

Shoe recycling with Renew Shoe

Donate your old footwear at the Good Festival.

Renew Shoe aims to help create a greener future for the footwear industry and provides the opportunity to recycle your old footwear. They strive to reclaim valuable resources from old footwear and repurpose them, creating something new from the old or otherwise unusable. They are already making strides in recycling shoes for brands, with these materials being transformed into store interiors, clothes hangers, picnic tables, sports flooring, and more.

Clothing recycling with Traid

Donate your quality second-hand clothes to Traid at the Good Festival.

Traid is a charity retailer on a mission to change fashion for the better. In the UK, they collect, curate, and resell second-hand clothes, giving fashion a new lease of life. Globally, they fund good causes that support and empower the people who make our clothes, from organic cotton farmers to garment workers.

Nature reserve – Westfield London

In 2020, Westfield London launched the Nature Reserve in partnership with Timberland, Urban Planters, and local schools Jack Tizard and Queensmill. This area of green space located behind the Southern Terrace Living Wall is home to two beehives, a red tiger wormery for composting, bird & bat boxes, a small pond, insect hotels, dozens of species of hedges, trees and flowers, wild meadows, with herb, berry, and vegetable gardens.

2023 saw the addition of a polytunnel for additional vegetable planting. Students from Jack Tizard and Queensmill with special educational needs visit our nature reserve during the summer months to safely learn about nature, biodiversity, and horticulture through planting and vegetable harvesting.

In 2023, Westfield’s Nature Reserve beehives produced 42lbs of honey, which was bottled and available for purchasing to Westfield guests. The proceeds from the honey supported the two schools.

The Nature Reserve is open to visit on 18th and 19th May.